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Support for hydrogen refueling stations in Slovakia

There has appeared for the first time support for building hydrogen refueling stations in transport in the Slovak legislation There is no option for Slovak motorists to use electric cars with hydrogen fuel cells (FCEV) because of a lack of infrastructure of hydrogen refueling stations (HRS) in Slovak Republic. Whilst building of charging points for […]

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Fuel cell genset – five year project has started

Hydrogen-powered, zero-emission fuel cell genset as replacement for diesel genset is the goal of Everywh2ere A five-year project has been kicked off by EU aiming to create zero-emission, transportable replacements for the diesel generators. Zero-emission fuel cell genset should be used for temporary power and backup. Twelve companies from across Europe comprise project Everywh2ere, and given them […]

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Hydrogen Battery

Stanford researchers have developed a manganese – hydrogen battery that could fill an importandt piece in the energy puzzle by storing unpredictable wind and solar energy for when it is needed Stanford scientists have developed a  new water-based battery that could provide a pretty cheap way to store unpredictable wind or solar energy. When the […]

Fuel Cell stationary System in IKEA

IKEA Adds Fuel Cell Stationary System to Generate More Onsite Power IKEA, the world’s leading home furnishings retailer, today commenced on its first fuel cell stationary system, at its store in New Haven, CT. This project complements the company’s focus on other renewable energies such as solar and wind. IKEA already operates five fuel cell systems, […]

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More than 5,500 hydrogen fuel cell cars sold unti the december 2017

More than 5,500 hydrogen (H2) fuel cell cars have been sold since they were launched and the number will easily reach 6,000 by the end of 2017, Information Trends said. A report entitled ‘Hydrogen Fuel Cell cars: A Global Analysis’ has been issued. Close to 2,400 fuel cell vehicles were sold in the first three […]

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ASKO Norway Opens Hydrogen Production Plant

Hydrogen Production Plant on the roof of the warehouse ASKO plant that opened last week, means that hydrogen is to be produced locally at the facility in central Norway, with energy from, among others, 9000 m2 of solar cells on the roof of the ASKO warehouse. Hydrogen will be used as fuel for trucks and distribution vehicles in their own […]

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Production of hydrogen – HyBalance

Production of hydrogen – Short video about the HyBalance project The HyBalance plant is soon ready for testing production of hydrogen, based upon power from wind turbines. The project will demonstrate how the grid can be balanced and how the storage of energy as hydrogen can be transformed into the mobility sector. Learn about the […]


Hydrogen Trains Are Coming to Germany in 2021

Germany and Alstom have signed an agreement that will see 14 hydrogen trains used in the country by 2021. On a single hydrogen tank, the trains can travel 1,000 kilometers and reach a top speed of 140 km/h. All Aboard the Hydrogen Train As the shift from diesel engines to clean energy continues, German and […]

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Toyota’s S-Class rival showcases next-gen hydrogen technology

Toyota’s Fine-Comfort Ride concept is a showcase for the firm’s next-generation hydrogen technology, R&D chiefs revealed at the Tokyo motor show. Although officials declined to reveal specifics, they did confirm the next-gen fuel cell is smaller, lighter, more efficient and cheaper than that found in the only Toyota production car featuring the hydrogen technology today, the […]

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Hydrogen cars to cost the same as hybrids by 2025

Second-generation hydrogen cars and fuel cell technology will be introduced in the early 2020s, substantially reducing costs Toyota is predicting it will be able to sell hydrogen cars for the same price as an equivalent hybrid by 2025. Today, a mid-end Toyota Prius hybrid costs around £22,000. That compares to a hydrogen-powered Mirai, which is sold at […]