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Hydrogen Battery

hydrogen battery

Stanford researchers have developed a manganese – hydrogen battery that could fill an importandt piece in the energy puzzle by storing unpredictable wind and solar energy for when it is needed

hydrogen batteryStanford scientists have developed a  new water-based battery that could provide a pretty cheap way to store unpredictable wind or solar energy. When the sun is shining and wind is blowing the hydrogen battery can store the energy. The energy can be fed back into the electric grid  when demand is high.

Prototype(picture) of the battery which could one day be a  battery designed to store intermittent energy. Thanks to a water-based chemical reaction with adding a special salt into water.

Special salt  dropped in an electrode create a reversible chemical reaction that stores electrons in the form of hydrogen gas.

The hydrogen battery  would cost a penny to store electricity to power a 100-watt lightbulb for twelve hours.

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    1. Lithium ion batteries store smaller amounts of energy and are based on rare materials and are thus too pricey to store power for a neighborhood or city. Other rechargeable battery technologies are more than five times of that cost over the life time. It was the prototype and needs development work to prove itself.

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